The Loudoun Laurels are committed to developing financial resources and providing mentoring support to further the academic scholarship of Loudoun County Public School students in the historically underserved population. We are also committed to honoring lifetime stewardship and leadership contributions made by citizens of Loudoun County for the benefit of our community.

The Stewardship Trust represents commitment of the founders the Loudoun Laurels to preserve, protect and pass on to future generations the heritage of stewardship and leadership embodied in its Laureates. Our college scholarship program seeks out, selects and provides financial support to seniors in Loudoun County high schools who, through hard work and dedication, have excelled in spite of obstacles in their path and thus demonstrated their personal embodiment of the ideals of the Loudoun Laurels.

Our partners in this endeavor are the teachers, counselors, and staffs of the Loudoun County Public Schools’ CAMPUS and AVID programs, who work with students in the “academic middle,” minority and first- generation-to-attend-college students to prepare them for college.

Many of the members of our community who become Loudoun Laureates participate in an outreach program in which they speak about their lives and careers including the challenges they faced along the way. The Laureates’ personal stories are recorded and are made available to the public through the generous support of our archival partner, Leesburg’s Thomas Balch Memorial Library.

Front Row: Charles Kuhn, Dorothy Punkin Lee, and J. Hamilton Lambert;

Back Row: Fredrick D. Schaufeld, Kristina Bouweiri, James P. Roberts, The Honorable Elizabeth Costin Davis, William H. Harrison, Kimball Hart, Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick, III, Alfred P. Van Huyck, Karen G. Schaufeld, Judy Washburn, and The Honorable Joe T. May; 

Not Pictured: Joseph L. Boling, Childs Frick Burden, Dr. John H. Cook, III, Agnes diZerega Cook, The Honorable Thomas D. Horne, Margaret Morton, Haren Hatcher Russell, Eugene M. Scheel, The Honorable Bob Sevila, and Cate Magennis-Wyatt