Each year, the Loudoun Laurels’ Founders Committee awards the Loudoun Laurels Medal to the honorees they have selected to become Loudoun Laureates. The medal is worn suspended from a scarlet ribbon, an ancient symbol of courage, passion, strength and self-sacrifice.

Medal Front

The laurel wreath on the front of the medal embraces the program’s motto, Ductus Exemplo, Leadership by Example.

Medal Back

The reverse displays the coat of arms and family motto of John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun, after whom our county is named.

Newest Honoree

Sandy Lerner

Sandy Lerner’s accomplishments span a wide range of domains, from technological innovation to historic preservation, from sustainable and humane farming practices to land conservation. Her philanthropic activity has sustained the work of scores of non-profit organizations—local, national, and international—and for more than 25 years she has been as generous with her own time and effort as she has with her financial resources to make Loudoun County a better place.

Under Sandy’s ownership and management, her Ayrshire Farm in Upperville was the first farm in Virginia to receive Certified Humane, Certified Organic, and Certified Predator- Friendly designations. The farm also serves as education space to teach and showcase the agricultural techniques that earned these pioneering certifications.

Sandy’s restoration of Ayrshire Farm’s estate has provided local non-profits a favorite venue for hosting fundraisers in support of their diverse efforts to address the community’s unmet needs. Her purchase and restoration of Carr House, the site of her restaurant, Hunter’s Head Tavern, has allowed Sandy to demonstrate farm-to-table approaches that promise healthier food, sustainable supply sourcing, and a cleaner environment.

Finally, Sandy’s work to place a conservation easement on Ayrshire Farm in 2004 not only protected her farm but also the view shed of the Civil War Battle of Upperville. Her similar efforts on behalf of other Loudoun farms, including Mountain Gap Farm and Jubilation Farm, raise the total amount of farmland in our county Sandy has personally had a hand in protecting to over 2,000 acres, helping ensure that our region will retain its agricultural, historical, and rural character for generations to come.

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