A Message from our Chairman

Welcome to The Loudoun Laurels Foundation! Since 2008, this organization has allowed us to recognize individuals whose selflessness, creativity, and energy have helped make Loudoun County a great place for all of us to live. This year we celebrate the naming of our 31st and 32nd Loudoun Laureates.

In 2013 the Founders Committee expanded the mission of the Loudoun Laurels to establish the Loudoun Laurels Stewardship Trust, and in doing so, to look toward our county’s future. The Trust awards $40,000 scholarships to deserving Loudoun County high school seniors to help defray the cost of attending a four-year Virginia state institution of higher learning. Many of our recipients have been the first in their respective families to attend college but already display the qualities we look for in our Laureates, especially their integrity, creativity, and drive. To date, the Trust has awarded $1,080,000 in scholarships to 27 students. Through the generosity of community leaders, in 2019 the Foundation established an endowment to ensure the long-term future of our scholarship program. We are striving to augment that endowment in order to grow the number of scholarships we are able to grant.

I find that the contributions I make to the Loudoun Laurels Stewardship Trust are the most gratifying I make anywhere because I know they literally change the lives of young scholars who may not have the opportunity to attend college without our support. These contributions also enable me to join my colleagues on the Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee, many of them Loudoun Laureates themselves, in recognizing extraordinary individuals whose leadership and stewardship have truly enhanced the quality of life in our community.

Our best regards,

Joe T. May, Chairman