Members of the Board

The governing body of the Loudoun Laurels Foundation is its Board of Directors.

Hon. Joe T. May

Ms. Elaine May Attridge
Vice Chair

Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick, III
Vice Chair

Mr. Jeffrey D. Mitchell
Secretary / Treasurer

Ms. Nikki Daruwala
Executive Director

Ms. Patricia Magee Daly

Mr. Stephen M. Mautner

Mr. Greg Jay

Dr. Kathleen Saylor
Chair Emeritus

Mr. Joseph L. Boling

Members of the Advisory Committee

Members of the Loudoun Laurels Foundation Advisory Committee conduct research and submit the names of laureate candidates for consideration by the committee. Their nominations, and nominations received from the public are considered in the laureate selection process. Each member of the committee votes for two candidates in a secret ballot process. After the candidate selected to receive the laureate is honored at the annual gala, the newly honored laureate is asked to become a member of the Advisory Committee.

Mr. Howard Armfield

Ms. Elaine May Attridge

Mr. Peter Arundel

Mr. Joseph L. Boling

Ms. Kristina Bouweiri

Mr. Childs Frick Burden

The Late Mr. Stanley Caulkins

Ms. Agnes diZerega Cook

Dr. John Cook, III

Ms. Patricia Magee Daly

Ms. Betsy Davis

Mr. Prem Devadas

The Late Mr. Fred E. Drummond

Ms. Karen Graham

Mr. Bill Harrison

Mr. Kim Hart

Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick, III

Mr. Tony Howard

Ms. DeeDee Hubbard

Mr. Greg Jay

Mr. Thomas G. Jewell

Mr. Charles Kuhn

Mr. J. Hamilton Lambert

Ms. Dorothy “Punkin” Lee

Ms. Sandy Lerner

Mr. Stephen M. Mautner

The Honorable Joe T. May

Ms. Margaret Morton

Ms. Amy Owen

Mr. Buddy Rizer

Mr. James P. Roberts

Ms. Karen Russell

Dr. Kathleen Saylor

Mr. Eugene Scheel

Mr. Frederick D. Schaufeld

Ms. Karen Schaufeld

The Honorable Robert E. Sevila, Esq.

Mr. Norman Styer

The Late Mr. Lang Washburn

Ms. Judy Washburn

The Late Ms. Su Webb

Maj. Gen. Charles E. Williams (United States Army Ret.)

Ms. Cate Magennis Wyatt

The Late Mr. Paul G. Ziluca