Betsy Davis

Betsy is the current Mayor of Middleburg, VA. She has served her community in that role for more than a decade. Growing up in Middleburg as the daughter of a professional photographer and retail store owner, Betsy has been an integral part of the Middleburg community her entire life. As mayor, she has succeeded in preserving the idyllic charm of the historic town she knew and cherished as a child.

After attending a workshop focused on developing a vision for the town of Middleburg, Betsy became interested in getting involved in the operations and future of her town. Her first foray into political office was as a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals. She was elected to the Middleburg Town Council in 1998 and as mayor in 2006. During her tenure as mayor, Betsy was instrumental in the creation of the Middleburg Economic Development Department which has helped increase revenue to the town and enabled it to modernize its infrastructure.

Perhaps even more important than her public service as mayor of Middleburg, is Betsy’s volunteer service to her community. She is a tireless worker for numerous philanthropic causes that benefit the underserved populations, the Humane Society, area schools, and the Middleburg Community Center. As an active member of the Middleburg Volunteer Fire and Rescue squad, and having served as an EMT since 1980, Betsy has had a positive impact on the lives of countless accident victims, many of whom owe their lives to her and her teammates. It was on a rescue call that she met her husband Mark, who was on the police force. Betsy and Mark have three daughters, Brooke, Liza, and Lauren.

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