Carlos Alexander Morales

Loudoun Laurels Foundation Scholar 2022-2026

Carlos Morales was born in the United States in 2003 at the INOVA Fairfax Hospital as a first-generation American. His parents had lived in a low-income area in Herndon, Virginia. Years of being in the area had shown to have little or no opportunities for a better education and learning environment for Carlos so they moved to Sterling in Loudoun County in hopes of a better future. By the time Carlos had reached Elementary school, he was on the Honor Roll for his school and had been active in Cub Scouts where his passion for the outside world grew on him. Throughout those times, he loved learning about new things and had a passion for science, especially biology. His teachers had placed him in an accelerated math program before entering Riverbend Middle School. This in return not only expedited his math skills but also had put him ahead of many students taking multiple high school courses in his middle school years.

When entering High School, he wanted to enjoy his time as a student at Potomac Falls while volunteering for Key Club and homework club all the while playing for a team from Sterling Soccer Club. As for free time, he had no problem playing his classical guitar as well as being instructed by a well-known musician named William Hart Wells. During High School, the pandemic occurred, and his goal was to focus on his studies but also to aid his parents in finances. So, he began working at the age of 16 at a retail store called Five-Below where he met different types of people of all backgrounds reinforcing his communication skills and teamwork to adults and peers alike. However, his desire to help his community wanted to be more personal so he did not hesitate to help the elderly at Ashby Ponds Senior Center. It was from that point on that his position as a server connected him to many residents and staff who have had countless experiences playing a role in their community. This was another great source of inspiration for Carlos who has been able to converse on topics of engineering and the medical field with the community of Ashby Ponds, specifically a desire for learning about medical devices.

Carlos is currently in his second year at George Mason University pursuing his passion for Bioengineering with the concentration of Biomedical Imaging and Devices.