Eduardo Trujillo

Loudoun Laurels Foundation Scholar 2019-2023

Eddy Trujillo is a biomedical engineer from the University of Virginia with a 3.93 GPA, and blends technical acumen with effective communication. Proficient in Spanish and skilled in data entry tools like Excel, MATLAB, and Python, Eddy currently serves as a Patient Care Coordinator and Account Manager at Icarus Medical Innovations. In this role, he communicates the biomechanical benefits of orthotic devices, develops ordering accounts, and builds patient relationships, and has gained insights into insurance codes and sales strategies.

Eddy’s commitment to innovation is evident in his contributions to a groundbreaking project focused on transcutaneous bilirubin measurement—where he noticed that the concentration of bilirubin in the skin was overestimated in newborns of darker skin tones. This endeavor showcases his dedication to solving critical healthcare challenges through unconventional approaches—using his technical background to address race-based healthcare disparities.

As an educator, Eddy led a student-taught course at the University of Virginia Biomedical Engineering Department during his fourth year of study. The course—Advancing Equitable Engineering Solutions—guided aspiring first-year biomedical engineering students through problem-identification and problem-solving processes to address a healthcare-related disparity of their choice.
Beyond academia, Eddy is dedicated to community health, evident in his role at the Latino Health Initiative, where he bridged language gaps in healthcare and organized community-focused health education programs.
As the President of the University of Virginia Hullabahoos and Vice President of the UVA Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, Eddy showcased his ability to lead and organize, manage substantial budgets, navigate responses to critical issues, and maintain positive relationships with various groups such as the university and other clients.

Passionate about biomedical device design, biomechanics, and vaccines and immunology, Eddy Trujillo is poised to make impactful contributions to the biomedical engineering field. His unique blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to community health positions him as a standout professional ready to shape the future of healthcare. In the near future, he is interested in starting a career in the biopharmaceutical industry to help treat genetic immunologic diseases and cancer.